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Elevating Medical Care to New Heights


Your Trusted Partner in Medical Air Transport

At AirMedEscort, we specialize in providing top-tier medical flight services and medical escort during flights. we offer a comprehensive solution for medical air transportation needs to insurance companies, medical institutions, and private clients.

Our Services

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Rapid Response, Global Coverage

Our commitment to rapid response and global reach ensures that no matter where you are, we can be there for you. Our skilled team is equipped with advanced technology to provide safe, efficient, and reliable medical transport services.

Expert Medical Team, Advanced Equipment

At the heart of AirMedEscort is our highly trained medical staff, ready to provide professional care and attention. Coupled with our state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure that every journey is as comfortable and secure as possible.

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Working with Insurance Companies

Understanding the complexities of medical emergencies, we work closely with insurance companies to streamline the process, making it seamless for our clients.

Professionalism, Expertise, Patient-Centric Approach

We believe in putting our clients first. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities, and our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of care and service. We stand by our values of professionalism, expertise, and a patient-centric approach in all we do

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Hahoresh road, 75, Jerusalem, IL

24/7  +972-55-689-4866

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Among our satisfied clients

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"After a skiing accident in Switzerland, I was incredibly anxious about getting back home safely for surgery. AirMedEscort's repatriation service was a godsend. From the seamless coordination with local hospitals to the compassionate care I received on board, every aspect of my journey was handled with utmost professionalism. Arriving home without any stress was a huge relief. I can't thank this team enough for their exceptional service."

John D., New York, USA

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Air Medical Escort:
The Ultimate Solution for Medical Care During Flights

In an era where air travel has become more accessible than ever, the demand for Air Medical Escort services is rising rapidly. This essential service provides peace of mind for individuals who require medical assistance while traveling by air.

What is Air Medical Escort?

Air Medical Escort refers to specialized medical support provided to a patient during a commercial flight. Unlike air ambulances, which involve dedicated medical aircraft, air medical escorts utilize regular commercial flights and are accompanied by trained medical professionals. These experts are equipped to handle a variety of medical conditions and emergencies, ensuring the patient's safety and comfort throughout the journey.

Why Choose Air Medical Escort?

  1. Safety and Comfort: Patients travel with a professional medical escort who provides continuous care, making the journey as safe and comfortable as possible.

  2. Cost-Effective: Utilizing commercial flights significantly reduces the costs compared to private air ambulance services.

  3. Widespread Accessibility: With the availability of commercial flights worldwide, air medical escorts can be arranged for virtually any destination.

  4. Comprehensive Care: The medical escorts are skilled in handling various medical conditions, ensuring personalized care tailored to the patient's specific needs.

The Process of Arranging an Air Medical Escort

Arranging an air medical escort involves several key steps:

  1. Medical Assessment: A thorough assessment of the patient's medical condition to ensure that air travel is safe and to determine the level of care required.

  2. Flight Coordination: Choosing the right flight and making necessary arrangements with the airline to accommodate medical needs.

  3. Preparation of Medical Equipment and Medications: Ensuring all necessary medical supplies and medications are prepared and available for the journey.

  4. Continuous Care: From departure to arrival, the medical escort provides constant care and monitoring


AirMedEscort here for you!

At AirMedEscort, we are proud to provide these vital Air Medical Escort services at the highest level. Our commitment to safety, comfort, and professional medical care ensures that each journey is not just a travel experience but a seamless and secure medical transport solution. With our team of experienced medical professionals and our dedication to excellence, AirMedEscort stands as a leading provider in the industry, ensuring that air travel remains accessible and safe for individuals with medical needs around the globe. Trust us to be your preferred partner in air medical escort services, where we blend expertise with compassion to deliver unparalleled care in the skies.

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Book your Air Medical Escort with AirMedEscort today and ensure a safe, comfortable, and medically supervised journey for you or your loved ones. Click here to secure the highest standard of air medical care and experience peace of mind during your travels

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